Pricing - Rest Nest Float Club
Single Float Sessions, Float Bundles, and Memberships!
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pricing and policies
  • Intro Three Float Package
  • $135Three Float Sessions
    • For the New Floater.
    • Credits never expire
    • Non-shareable

  • Purchase
  • Monthly Membership
  • $391 Float Per Month
    • Unlimited additional floats at $29 each.
    • 3 Month Commitment
    • Non-Shareable

  • Purchase
  • 10 Float Pack
  • $40010 Float Sessions
    • For the Dedicated Floater.
    • Credits Never Expire
    • Shareable!

  • Purchase
  • Float Session
  • $69One Float Session
    • The Standard Float
    • Upgrade option to the introductory three float pack (2 more floats for $65)
    • Never Expires.

  • Book
  • Hydro Float Therapy (INSURANCE COVERED)
  • $89One Hydro Float Therapy Session
    • One Hydro Float Therapy Session plus a 15 minute assessment administered by an RMT
    • By call only
    • Insurance Receipt Issued

  • Contact
  • Swedish Massage
  • $80Single
    • Best for: Stress relief, relaxation, and releasing cramped or tense muscles
    • Credits never expire
    • Insurance receipt issued on request

  • Book
  • Float and Massage
  • $1401 Float Credit + 1 Massage Credit
    • Float Therapy Session plus a 60 minute Massage (with your choice of Swedish or Deep Tissue)
    • Insurance receipt issued on request for massage portion

    • Shareable!

  • Purchase
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • $90Single
    • Best for: Treating stiff, painful trouble spots such as in the shoulder and upper back
    • Credits never expire
    • Insurance receipt issued on request

  • Book
  • Double Float
  • $902 Hour Float
    • Never Expires.
    • Non-Shareable

  • Purchase

Float Club Policies

Reservations Policy
  • It is very important that you arrive 15 minutes in advance prior to your float session. Services will begin and end on time as a courtesy to the next guest.


  • As a courtesy, we attempt to confirm all appointments. You are invited to call us prior to your appointment to confirm exact times, services, and ask any questions you may have.
Tardiness Policy
  • We understand that sometimes being late is unavoidable. However, with our circumstances, we will be forced to shorten your service.


  • Clients who arrive late will be charged in full for their scheduled session, but will receive an abbreviated, pro-rated session. For example, if you scheduled an hour session and arrive 15 minutes late, you will be charged for that hour session but will only receive 45 minutes of treatment for that session, including consultation and changing time.


  • It is very important that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled float.
Cancellation Policy
  • We have reserved the float suite especially for you and require 24 hours notice for any cancellation/rescheduling of appointments. If less than the required notice is given, we reserve the right to charge 50% for the full scheduled session.


  • If for any reason Rest Nest needs to reschedule or cancel an appointment, as much advance notice as possible will be given.
Monetary Policy
  • Rest Nest accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover, Rest Nest Gift Cards, Groupon Vouchers, LivingSocial Vouchers, nCrowd Vouchers, bank debit cards, cash.


  • Rest Nest gift cards are not redeemable if reported as lost or stolen.
Refund Policy
  • All service sales, gift card sales, membership sales, and float packages are final.


  • Refunds will be issued in Store credit only. Store credit must be used no later than 30 days from the return.
Confidentiality and Privacy Policy
  • We do believe that every client has the right to privacy and confidentiality. The conversations you have with your float staff will remain confidential.


  • Client lists and email lists are confidential. We do not share our client lists with outside companies.