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Explore all the benefits of floatation therapy.
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Benefits for the Body

Heightens Senses

The sensory overload of modern life produces more information signals to the brain than it can effectively process. Have you ever noticed how much better a computer runs after clearing the hard drive of unnecessary bits of data? Floating works like that for your own personal supercomputer – your brain. Floating acts as a natural “reset button, ” wiping clean any unnecessary information and helping to fine tune your sensory processing. Research shows that the positive effects of floating include improved sensory perception, including increased visual acuity, improved tactile perception and responses, improved auditory sensitivity, and even increased taste sensations. Clear the fog with floating and experience your senses like never before.

Provides Unique Anti-Gravity Benefits

800 lbs. of Epsom salt dissolved into the water within a float pod raises the density of the solution enough to counter the force of gravity, dispersing it evenly across the surface area of the body, leaving you feeling incredibly weightless and free. That is why floating in a pod is completely effortless. Experience relief like never before from lower back pain, neck pain, and chronic muscular tension caused by rigid body postures or repetitive movement. Free yourself from the burden of gravity with a serene yet scientifically-engineered floating experience.

Supports Pain Management

Research and testimonials both show that floating therapy can offer remarkable relief from pain caused by arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, inflammation, chronic back, neck, and muscle pain, and even offer freedom from psychosomatic pain. As the body floats in stillness and quiet, the brain quiets, too, lending deep and remarkable relief from chronic pain signals.

Supports Healthy Sleep Patterns

60 minutes in a float pod can feel like 4-6 hours of restful sleep, refreshing and rejuvenating even the insomniacs among us. As you experience the tranquility of floating, and especially if you make floating a regular part of your lifestyle, your sleep patterns can regulate along with other physical and mental patterns of behavior. As you achieve deeper relaxation, experience relief from chronic stress and pain, and improve your patterns of thinking and behavior through floating, these changes in your physical state and mental outlook can help to support regular, refreshing rest.

Increases Immune Function

Stress hormones wreak havoc on our endocrine and immune systems. The all-too-common overproduction, especially chronically, of these natural “fight or flight” hormones can weaken and slow our digestive and reproductive systems, decrease insulin sensitivity, and even affect our body’s ability to fight disease, regenerate, and heal itself. Floating suppresses the production of these stress hormones and helps allow our bodies to regain balance, promoting proper endocrine and immune function.

Enhances Healing and Recovery

By decreasing the effects of gravity, floating can help you achieve deep muscle relaxation. Floating also increases circulation to the extremities, promotes elimination of metabolic by-products, and can help prevent or reverse adrenal fatigue by reducing stress and suppressing the production of stress hormones. Many professional athletes have turned to floating to help speed recovery from injury and repeated stress on muscles, tendons, and tissues.

Promotes Natural Relaxation Response

Floating, free from the forces of gravity, suppresses the sympathetic nervous system, responsible for all those stress hormones, and activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which can decrease muscle tension and blood pressure, and increase the production of endorphins. The ultimate relaxation response awaits.

Increases Musculoskeletal Awareness

As chronic muscle tension and pain melt away during a float, it can lead to a greater awareness of other, less prominent areas of tension, pain, and imbalance. In the serene floating environment, these otherwise unnoticed areas can open up, relax, and heal, helping you find and experience total body balance and awareness.

Enables Magnesium Absorption

Magnesium is a critical mineral often lacking in our daily diets. Magnesium has been shown to help regulate high blood pressure and the metabolic system, prevent or reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, relieve menopause symptoms, provide relief from PMS, prevent osteoporosis, and help build healthier bones and teeth through supporting the absorption of calcium. The float pod contains a highly concentrated magnesium solution, wherein this important mineral is safely absorbed through the skin during your float.

Increases Stress Resistance

Regular floating is a regular reset for your system. Our bodies work hard to maintain homeostasis. Our bodies get really good at doing what they have always done. If chronic stress is a norm for you, then minimizing your body’s stress response challenges your body’s natural and ingrained responses to external stressors. Making the simple and deep serenity of floating a regular part of your lifestyle can help alter your body’s automatic, internal mechanisms, helping you become more resistant to chronic stressors in your environment and lifestyle. Instead of succumbing to the chronic stress so rampant in the modern world, you can achieve a new homeostasis of stress resistance. That’s the long-term benefit of physiological inner peace, and that’s what floating can do for you.

Benefits for the Mind

Heightens Learning Ability

In the distraction-free environment of the float pod, the mind has no need to process the normal overload of sensory information. As these resources free up, the mind can enter a state of openness, sometimes referred to as the theta state. Here, the mind becomes hyper-suggestible, able to deeply absorb new material. Research shows that floating can improve performance in memory and recall, making floating an excellent support for exam preparation.

Synchronizes the Brain

Our brains are made of several parts, each with its own primary function. Communication across the various parts of the brain creates stronger neural pathways for faster, deeper thinking, stronger automatic responses, and greater states of creativity. Research shows that floating can support communication across the left brain hemisphere, typically associated with analytical thinking, and the right brain hemisphere, typically associated with creative thinking. Further, floating has also been shown to improve vertical communication between the primitive reptilian brain, the limbic middle or mammalian brain, and the conscious neocortex. Synchronizing the brain can lead to enhanced non-linear connections, heightened creative problem-solving abilities, and deeper realizations.

Relieves Chronic Mental Stress

The power of floating to suppress our production of stress hormones has important positive implications for the health of the body, but floating also offers peace and health for the mind. Modern life can overwhelm us with constant input – noise, light, pollution, crowded urban environments, and the growing influence of technology. It can also overwhelm us with mental and emotional stressors – the pressures of work, business, family, interpersonal relationships, society, war, crime, politics, and personal finances. The rare isolation and silence of the float pod eliminates external input and creates a new level of calm as floating provides much-needed reprieve from our daily hassles and long-term chronic stressors. In this gentle space, floating refreshes and nourishes our minds.

Enables Mental Reset

Just as floating offers our bodies a way to reset our patterns of response, it also offers the mind a “reset button.” Our daily patterns of thinking can become almost automatic as we go through our lives repeating them. Have you ever been taken aback upon noticing something in your daily environment you had never before noticed? Just as the body works to create homeostasis, our minds are also susceptible to stasis. We become accustomed to thinking a certain way, acting a certain way, responding a certain way to change and challenges. In the solitude and serenity of the float pod, our minds can break these patterns, shifting us out of an automated existence and bringing us into a greater, deeper awareness.

Creates Space for Meditation

Research over centuries supports the benefits of meditation for mental, physical, and spiritual health and rejuvenation. In the stillness of the float pod, where our minds can enter into the theta state, we find the perfect space for meditation. Here, we may experience the intensely satisfying sensation of being acutely awake and aware, deeply relaxed, and consciously present. Floating may induce an altered state of consciousness.

Supports Behaviour Modification

Floating can be a valuable tool for behavior modification. In the float pod, we may experience greater awareness of our patterns of behavior. Research shows that floating can subdue anxiety with a sense of calmness and decrease symptoms of depression by encouraging a greater sense of well-being. Research also shows promising results for floating as a support for smoking cessation and weight loss programs.

Enhances Introspection

In the absence of external stimuli and distractions, floating helps direct attention and energy inward, where you can discover and analyze habitual thought patterns. In the float pod, you can discover powerful tools within yourself for mental programming and reprogramming as you evaluate your thoughts and strive for clarity.

Enables Visualization

Research shows that practicing through visualization techniques and mental rehearsal can be just as effective as physical preparation for competitions, presentations, and performances. In the calm state of the float pod, you are free to visualize your success in any endeavor. Floating creates a space for focusing on the visualization of your ultimate life goals.

Boosts Immune Function through State of Mind

When it comes to health and healing, attitude and state of mind make a difference. Our immune systems are boosted by having a positive state of mind. Think healthy and be healthier. Floating has been shown to improve our thoughts and attitudes, lending a healthy boost to immune function and physical healing.

Replenishes Endorphin

During a float, your body will be flooded with endorphins. These neurotransmitters are responsible for relieving pain, enhancing our moods, controlling depression, and decreasing anxiety. Endorphins can even help suppress the appetite. As floating triggers your natural relaxation response, endorphins are released, leaving us feeling calm and clear, and at times, even euphoric.

Buffers Sensitivity

If you are an introvert, you will deeply appreciate the feelings of safety and security during a float, as you remove yourself from the constant influx of stimulation you likely find exhausting and draining in daily life. If you are, on the other hand, an extrovert, you likely crave stimulation and may inundate yourself with external stimuli in your daily life. Just as floating can help heighten our physical senses by clearing us from an overabundance of input, it can also help heighten our internal sensitivity to stimuli, encouraging peaceful reflection and a new appreciation for calm – even for extreme extroverts.