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A Premium Float Club in Toronto, located in the heart of the hotel district in Yorkville. We offer float therapy, a unique zero-gravity experience that will most likely be the most relaxing experience you have ever achieved; So Float Toronto!
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In the course of a day, your body and mind are endlessly bombarded with stimuli from technology such as cell phones and computers, not to mention countless sights, sounds, and smells. Constant over-stimulation has been proven to result in high stress and many health issues that also come with it.


By stripping away external stimulation and the strain of gravity, floatation therapy opens the body and mind to experience the incredible, stress-melting sensation of nothing at all.

Rest Your Mind

Living in Toronto often feels like trying to juggle all the stresses of life without any breaks. What if you could silence all the screens, meetings, cell phones, noises, and more in order to reset and rejuvenate? You can, all from within the unique sanctuary of the float pod.

So Float Toronto!

What is floating?

During Float Therapy, you effortlessly float in 10 inches of water containing 800 pounds of dissolved magnesium salts. With no light or sound inside the pod and the temperature perfectly matched to your body, floating gently eliminates sensory inputs and allows for complete and total relief. The key to better health awaits you in this peaceful oasis.

Cool! Is floating a brand new concept?

The multiple health benefits of floating were first explored in the 1970s and 1980s; With Toronto having a few float spa’s of its own back then. Today, floating is an increasingly popular method of recovering from the overwhelming sensory stimulation and stresses of modern living. After taking the time you need to recover in one of our pods, we guarantee you will be better equipped to deal with the constant hustle and worries you face in everyday life.

Are there risks with floating?

The high saline content makes the water so buoyant that is it is impossible for you to sink or accidentally turn over. The tank door is manual. You are not locked and can get in and out at any time. The high salt content also ensures the water is sterile, it is filtered and cleaned after every session and a very small amount of disinfectant is also added.